Funeral Flowers

After a death, we experience a wide range of emotions associated with the grieving process. It can be incredibly difficult to communicate these emotions, which is why the act of giving funeral flowers is tradition in many cultures. Flowers, with their unique shapes and array of colors, can often convey our emotions better than words. By having flowers at the funeral, you are showing your respect for the deceased and support for the grieving survivors. Rosies & Posies San Jose florist is here for you in times of grief to help you express yourself through tasteful funeral flower arrangements.

The Role of Flowers at a Funeral
The placement of flowers at a funeral is a symbolic tribute to the deceased. Large floral arrangements called casket sprays are often placed on the casket and wreaths and flower baskets placed around the casket or, in cases of cremation, by the urn. However, funeral flowers are not a competition in which mourners can see how much the person was loved by the size of the floral arrangements. Funeral flowers help create an atmosphere at the funeral which shifts the focus from loss to a celebration of the departed’s life.

Without flowers at a funeral, the atmosphere can be very depressing. Flowers have been shown to have very strong emotional impacts and can help alleviate grief. They give funeral mourners something to focus on and the natural colors and beauty of the arrangements can be very calming. Further, funeral flowers become part of our visual memory of the funeral. When looking back at the funeral, survivors will have a more positive memory and be comforted.

Rosies & Posies San Jose, CA florist has developed relationships with many funeral homes in the Bay Area. We can create custom funeral flower arrangements, including casket sprays, funeral wreaths, and sympathy baskets. The flowers will be delivered directly to the funeral home at the specified time. All flower arrangements are made fresh with the highest-quality flowers and in tasteful designs as a tribute to the deceased and survivors.

Should You Send Flowers to the Funeral Home?
Sending flowers to a funeral home is a way of paying tribute to the deceased. It is also a visual way of showing support to the survivors. Do note that funeral flowers are not typically used in Jewish funerals. In these situations, you may wish to show your support by sending sympathy flowers or baskets to the residence instead. Many families request on the death notice that donations be made to charities in lieu of flowers. In these situations, it is still considered appropriate to send funeral flowers because they are symbolic of your support and respect for the deceased. However, you may wish to send an arrangement to the residence instead.

Which Flowers Are Appropriate?
Funeral flower arrangements usually are made using light colors like whites and lavender. Blue flowers are also considered calming and often chosen for funerals. Types of flowers often used in funeral arrangements are roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, and gladioli. Any flower or color can be appropriate for a funeral though. Look for an arrangement which conveys your emotions, which you think the deceased would like (such as in his or her favorite color), or which you think the grieving survivors would appreciate.

When buying flowers for the funeral, there are some traditions which should be kept in mind. Arrangements which go on or in the casket are typically only chosen by close family members. This includes the casket spray as well as casket insets like flower pillows. You should also avoid buying bouquets in vases and instead buy flower baskets for the funeral home.

When buying sympathy flowers to be sent to the residence, it is acceptable to send vases as well as baskets of flowers. Do keep in mind that potted plants require some attention and mourners may not want this burden during their time of grief. Rosies & Posies San Jose, CA florist also has many sympathy gift baskets with food items which can be sent to help support mourners.

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