Flowers for All Occasions

When Rutgers University did a study on The Power of Giving Flowers, they found that the gift of flowers really does improve people’s moods and make them happy. What’s more, they also found that, compared to people who give other types of gifts, flower givers are regarded to be more caring, trustworthy, loving, and valuing the beauty in life.

After working with flowers for over 23 years, we here at Rosies & Posies San Jose florist can testify first hand to the power of flowers. There is something magical about receiving flowers. With our floral expertise, we can help you capture this magic with flowers for any occasion.

We offer flowers for:
• Romance
• Anniversaries and romance
• New babies
• Graduations
• Proms
• Quinceaneras
• “Just Because”
• And more!

Arrangements Suited for Any Occasion
Sometimes you want flowers to make a specific statement, such as sending red roses to your love on Valentine’s Day or white lilies for showing sympathy during times of grief. But there are some situations for which you aren’t sure which flowers are best. In these times, you can turn to our “all occasion flowers”. These arrangements are made from an assortment of different flowers, combining colors and textures into an exquisite bouquet.

Just because these bouquets and flowers are for any occasion, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t special! Rosies & Posies San Jose florist can craft simple bouquets for “every day” flowers or make elaborate sprays to commemorate a special day, like a best friend’s birthday or getting a promotion. If you still aren’t sure what to send, just tell our team of skilled San Jose florists a bit about the occasion and the recipient. Using the language of flowers, we will make a custom arrangement which is sure to please.

Popular Flowers for All Occasions
Sometimes you want a bouquet which uses all of the same flower, such as a dozen red roses or a bouquet of pink tulips. This is because the types and colors of flowers can carry deep associations. With all-occasion flowers though, the focus is not on the individual flower. Rather, our San Jose florists combine many different types and colors of flowers together to make a unique floral design. Though we can craft a stunning all-occasion flower arrangement using any type or color of flower, certain flowers are particularly popular.

For celebrations like graduations or birthday parties, Gerber daisies are very trendy. They come in many bright colors like hot pink and orange. These colors and the vibrancy of the daisies are sure to brighten any room.

For showing your thanks, orchids and pink lilies are popular choices. Potted plants are also good choices for thanking friends.

For cheering up a sick friend, yellow flowers are sure to do the trick. At Rosies & Posies San Jose, we can combine yellow flowers with other tones to make them really pop in the arrangement.

Rosies & Posies San Jose florist specializes in contemporary flower arrangements and also has a large selection of modern potted plants, tropicals, dish gardens, gift baskets, balloons, chocolate delicacies, and silk floral arrangements. With our skill at translating emotions into the language of flowers, we are sure to come up with an arrangement of flowers for whatever your occasion may be!

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