Valentine’s Day

There are so many different ways to show your love to that special person on Valentine’s Day but, for the ultimate, classic gesture, flowers are the grand message of love and appreciation. At Rosies & Posies San Jose florist, we have helped hundreds of couples express their love with beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets. Whether you are a traditionalist looking for a classic bouquet of red roses, want to show affection with delicate pink flowers, or want an impressive modern bouquet, Rosies & Posies San Jose floral experts can craft the perfect arrangement.

Roses – the Ultimate Symbol of Love
The red roses we know today are relatively new. They were introduced to the West only in the 1800s. However, the rose has a very long history going back thousands of years. Throughout its vast history, the rose has accrued many meanings but, because of its deep red color, is mostly known as a symbol of love. In fact, one can find countless depictions of the rose in artworks and literature, all using the stunning flower as a symbol of love and passion. By giving your special someone a red rose for Valentine’s Day, you are sending a message of love and devotion.

Roses also come in many other colors, each of which has its own meanings. White roses are a symbol of purity and unity. Choose a Valentine’s Day bouquet with red and white roses to show your special someone your lasting love.

Pink generally symbolizes admiration and happiness. Pink roses are a good choice for relationships just beginning or to show how much you appreciate a friend or family member. Orange roses are a symbol of desire and are good Valentine’s Day flowers for someone you want to get to know better. Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight whereas deep purple roses are a symbol of lavishness and royalty.

Valentine’s Day Flowers for Every Type of Love
There is no need to limit yourself to roses for your Valentine’s Day bouquet. At Rosies & Posies San Jose, our floral arrangement artists know just how to combine traditional roses, classics, and exotic wildflowers together to create a beautiful bouquet. These Valentine’s bouquets aren’t just stunning, they also can send messages of love, passion, appreciation, and affection. Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day flowers for your true love, for your dear mother, or for your much-appreciated secretary, Rosies & Posies San Jose florist will have an arrangement which conveys your message.

To help tailor your Valentine’s Day message, we also offer a wide range of extras. All Valentine’s Day flowers are sent out with a card. When ordering online, you will be given the option of including a custom message at checkout. You can also choose to include gifts like teddy bears, balloons, or delicious chocolates.

Caring for Valentine’s Day Roses
Rosies & Posies San Jose florist only uses the freshest, highest-quality roses for our bouquets, so you can count on them to remain beautiful for long after Valentine’s Day is over. Our bouquets even arrive in a vase, so your loved one doesn’t even have to worry about arranging them when they arrive. To ensure your bouquet lasts to its full potential though, you may want to follow some basic care tips.

Roses prefer a cooler temperature, so keep them away from any heating vents. You will also want to keep them away from windows as the direct sunlight can cause the petals to wilt. Ideally, you should completely change the water in your vase every other day. When you do this, take the roses out of the vase and cut 1 inch from the stems while holding the stems under running lukewarm water.

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